About Us. A Movement. A Community. A Livestream.
Basement Flavor is a creative platform that empowers artists and organizations to expand their reach and amplify their impact. We provide a range of digital tools and resources to help you increase your audience, build your brand, and explore fresh revenue streams.

Community. Stronger Together. Unity. Rising Tide.
Community marketing has been at the core of our business since 1998. We are passionate about promoting events, music, and culture, and strive to bring together like-minded individuals to create a supportive community. Our aim is to provide the community with high-quality content, helping to foster engagement and bring people closer together.

Events. Concerts. Showcases. Performance Workshops.
In building a community, events are the cornerstone. They serve as a platform for engaging with supporters, creating networking opportunities and fostering collaborations with peers. By leveraging events, we grow our community and elevate the entire industry.

Livestream. Hybrid Events. Virtual Events. Global Reach. 
In today’s digital age, the consumption of entertainment has undergone a major transformation. With our lives increasingly centered around the online world, there is an ever-growing demand for high-quality content creators who regularly live stream their work. As a result, streaming has now become the standard way to promote oneself and build a loyal following of engaged fans.

Do you want to increase your event capacity and tap into new ways to monetize your content? 
Let’s live stream your next event!


James Sloane aka Mr. Mortal with Allen aka Jahnny Dainjah live steaming from TroopPVD
James Sloane | Artistic Director [Basement Flavor]

I eat, sleep*, and breathe marketing and promotion. It’s my passion, my calling, my contribution to the culture.

Born in the same year that Hip Hop was created, I am a Rhode Island native who has also lived in San Diego, California, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

My journey in promotion started in 1998 when I curated my first open mic/performance workshop. Since then, I’ve gone on to curate numerous events and workshops, including Round Midnight for The Providence Black Repertory Company. My experience promoting for major labels and brands such as LRG, Fader Magazine, Rawkus Record, XBOX, and Landspeed Records has given me the skills to leverage technology to grow brands.

While I miss the days of wheat pasting, dropping off flyers at record stores, and hand-to-hand promotion, My core philosophy is that you can’t fight technology. You have to embrace change and find ways to leverage it to amplify yourself.

Promoting something you believe in is the greatest feeling in the world. And with a quality product, it’s easy to make people care. That’s what promotion is all about: connecting people to products they care about.

*Actually I Don’t Sleep.

Thomas Walsh | Director of Photography [OGM Photography]

I am a Rhode Island based photographer and videographer specializing in family events, portraiture, and live concerts. I have a keen eye for capturing natural emotional reactions that highlight memorable moments. My background is in Mechanical Engineering, designing high-end electronic systems for defense and industry for over a decade. I’m a visual learner and naturally fell in love with photography and videography as forms of storytelling and documenting my own life. Leveraging my technical background, I’ve been able to procure the I have a standoff photojournalist approach and easygoing personality to elicit relaxed and natural expressions so the images can truly mirror the subject’s true self.

My professional career (after serving Del’s Lemonade in high school) began as a Mechanical Engineer, graduating from the University of Rhode Island back in 2007. I worked designing and manufacturing high-end electronics for radar systems for over a decade. During this time, I rediscovered my love of photography and video creation. I’ve always been a visual learner and naturally